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Content Rules And Writing Instructions For Godblogcon.Com Blogs

  1. Article word count: 500 (minimum)
  2. The title should be meaningful, catchy, and congruent with the substance of the piece.
  3. The article’s content should be of high quality, not generally available on the Internet, and not simple or trivial.
  4. Article material should be educational and detailed, addressing topics of interest to a broad readership.
  5. The content should be relevant to the issue being discussed (heading)


  1. Make image recommendations (either as reference images or as hand-drawn sketches)
  2. Images should be self-explanatory and represent the primary point of the discussion.
  3. Display valuable data in the form of charts/graphs or tables.
  4. Include as many graphical components as possible to break up the relative monotony of your text: photos, Tweets, videos, screenshots, blockquotes, tables, infographics, and so on.
  5. All photographs must be related to the posts.


  1. Use bold to emphasize crucial terms (but use sparingly).
  2. Use italics to emphasize a certain word.
  3. Never use ALL CAPS (it appears as though you’re yelling) or underline anything (it will look like a link).

Aspects Of The Domain

  1. The content should be shareable (since we promote the finest pieces across numerous platforms) and useful to other professionals.
  2. The most recent updates on the specific course/technology being addressed should be highlighted.
  3. Wherever possible, include case studies, data, and visual recommendations.
  4. The “Introduction” should include a high-level summary of the whole content.
  5. Avoid presenting facts in simple text. Separate them into paragraphs, bulleted points (or lists), and catchy subheadings.
  6. When feasible, use lists. They are appealing to readers and make the material much easier to understand.
  7. Include pertinent quotations, tweets, YouTube video links, and screenshots.
  8. End each blog with a comprehensive overview of all the topics raised.
  9. Before beginning any issue, conduct an extensive study on it, similar themes, and current papers published on major websites.
  10. Try several keyword variants (primary topic) to locate the top blogs and examine how they are presented, identify areas that may be improved, and cover all feasible features in your post.
  11. Make the article more reader-friendly (in terms of the look and feel of the content).
  12. Keeps the text flowing properly. Important points should be organized in a logical order.
  13. Your article must have an analytical approach (simply combining information from multiple sources will not suffice)

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