Why Is It Important To Design Your Commercial Rooftop?

The word “design” is not often associated with commercial rooftops. However, it might. Planning and designing are more than just aesthetics. Planning and designing are not just about aesthetics. A dedicated rooftop platform support system can maximize your rooftop space, as well as provide safety and organization for maintenance personnel. Planning can reduce roof damage and potential accidents.

If Your Roof Plan Is Not Perfect, You Are Planning To Make It Failing

Facility managers must understand that the roof does not only provide a place for bulky equipment or equipment that needs to vent into the atmosphere. A roof is a place where people can work. While it might not be a place people often work, it is still an area where plumbers and welders, electricians, and roofing consultants can occasionally use their trades.

This means that roof equipment should be designed on a human scale. At the most basic level, this means there should be enough lanes for people to comfortably walk on while carrying equipment and tools. This will make it easy for employees to work (and even walk) on the roof.

Additionally, the travel lanes should not be located near the roof edge. Contractors will be able to comply with OSHA regulations which prevent them from working too close to the roof edge. They must wear safety harnesses and railings. This means that your contractors will work more efficiently and safer if you allow them to move around.

Keep Workers Safe And Costs Low

Another reason to plan your roofing is to save money on its infrastructure materials. The cost of wires, pipes, HVAC ducts, and other infrastructure materials is high. It’s possible to place these items more efficiently, allowing you to use the most material for the entire area of your building.

You cannot place your rooftop HVAC system anywhere. For example, it must be placed above a roof beam. This means you already have significant constraints. You’ll be able to spend less on the associated ductwork if you are smart about your placement.

Finally, rooftop workers can be freed from obstructions by the smart placement of cables and ducts. A worker shouldn’t ever be forced to climb over any obstacle. It can lead to a worker falling and causing injury. This type of accident is deadly at ground level but can prove fatal on roofs. Even if the obstacle is only a few inches from the ground, it can still trip workers and lead to serious injuries.

Rooftop Support Systems Help You Plan Your Rooftop Effectively

Even though space may be limited on your roof, rooftop support systems allow workers to safely cross obstacles and reach equipment in need. Because rooftop support systems are essentially an extension of the roof, this is possible. To lift cables that are not in your path and you wish to keep them for your workers, you have two options: a cable tray that can lift it overhead or an elevated walkway that allows you to climb up it.

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