Importance of Correctly-Fitted Bra

Research has shown that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. It’s not like you would walk in uncomfortable and ill-fitting footwear. So why brag about it with your bra?

Women with larger boobs than women who are size DD+ have greater problems with poorly fitting bras. Properly fitting bras can make women feel more in control and correct their posture, as well as end back pain. A well-fitted bra can make a huge difference in how clothes hang. It can also have a tremendous impact on sloping shoulders or bad backs. It can transform your life.

Understanding Bra Sizes

Let’s put bra sizes into perspective. There are 7 sizes of shoes that women can choose from (and most women have only 4 or 5, but there are over 100 bra sizes! Because of the small differences in measurements and how bras fit, sizing can vary greatly. It is possible to be a 32DD in a bra, but a 34D elsewhere.

Although double letter sizes are common .German bras do not have double letters. Instead, they have full sizes that go up in smaller increments.

How to spot when your bra doesn’t fit

Do not try to fit a bra on your own. Instead, consult the bra fitting specialists. First recommendation is that you can recognize when your bra does not fit. You can have breasts that change in size due to many factors: pregnancy, weight change, and changes in medication. It is important to get your bra fitted every so often.

To feel empowered and find a better, more comfortable bra, plus size bras in Australia is also a good choice, you must know when it’s best to order one. Measurements for bras are done without the use of tape. It’s like measuring water with a tape measure to measure boobs. Boobs can be measured in three dimensions and tape measures are two-dimensional.

A good bra fit specialist will be able (just like a good tailor), to match your measurements by looking. Each bra is different, so a skilled bra fitter will be able to adjust each bra for each individual. Mish looks at:

The Band

A well-fitting branding brand should be parallel to the front and in line with clips at its back. The band does most of the work. It must be right!


All bras can be underwire. But not all bras have to be. Sometimes it will not because of the shape and size of your breasts, or sternum.


The most important thing is that the breast tissue must be in the cup. Don’t cut it in half to get the ‘four-boob’ effect.

Shoulder Straps

It is vital to maintain the right tension in your shoulder straps. It should have enough elasticity to pull up an indentation, but not wrap around your ears. The bra strap should be able to slide off your shoulders if you lower them. If it does, it may be too loose. Straps should be not so tight that they dig in or are not lifting your boobs. This is what the bra band (or bra type) does.

How to tell if you have a bra fit

If your boobs slip under the bra’s top, if it is tightening or baggy at the top, or if you feel that the side wires are resting on breast tissue, this could indicate the bra size or style you have chosen is wrong.

Try a bra fitting if you are experiencing poor posture or sore shoulders. You will be amazed at how beneficial the right-sized bra can make a difference to your health. Allow yourself enough time to fit your bras. It will be a pleasant experience. You can ask lots of questions and get the perfect size and shape for you. You won’t regret it.

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