The Complete Men’s Guide to Candles

The world of candles can be overwhelming for most men. We know you have any questions, and there is no one to help. This guide will help you navigate the complicated but very enjoyable world of candles. Let’s begin.




There are so many options, let’s not forget 20. Let’s focus on what is most relevant for us men.


Taper candles – Be aware that taper candles cannot stand on their own. These candles are usually placed on the table to light candles for dinner. These are great for dinner if you want to make an extra effort with your senorita. Set these holders out for date night.


Pillar Candles– Although pillar candles can be used in any setting, it is possible to only find basic scents. Even though pillar candles are no longer efficient, you may still find bargains here.


Tea light Candles – These tea light candles are small in size and very light. They usually burn for around two hours and are unscented. These can be used as accent lighting. These are great accent lighting for entertaining. You can also use a tea light candle holder if you want to take it up. There are many options, such as this reclaimed wooden holder.


Candle Pots– These candles can also be made in many sizes and shapes. They burn for between 12 and 14 hours. These candles are great for outdoor decoration because of their sturdy pots. A few candles can be placed around your pool or patio to add calming accent lighting. These are great for entertaining, especially during warm summer nights.


Tin Candles- A container candle is a non-flammable container that has been filled with wax. This is the only option if you have to choose. Container candles won’t drip, and they don’t need a separate holder. They are safer because they are non-flammable. Most containers will include a lid that allows you to put the candle out without setting off the fire alarm. You can simply open the lid and grab a torch.


We recommend if you only have one choice. You can also grab some wonderful tin container candles. We love tin container candles that are elegant, functional, and easy to maintain.




Once you have a basic understanding of the types and when they can be used, it is time to start stocking up. How do you determine which candles are of high quality? It all comes down to the wax. Here are some ways to know if you are getting a high-quality product.


Soy wax – Another 100% natural wax, soy wax is great for candle containers. Soy wax has the best burn rate of any wax. Soy wax does not require any special fragrance additives. Soy wax candles are more fragrant because it bonds with the fragrance better than other types of wax. If you have the choice, choose soy. It’s the best.


Paraffin Wax – This is also called straight wax. It is the most common and least expensive type of wax. These waxes are usually the cheapest, which means they will be the most expensive but also have the lowest quality. This makes them more difficult to burn properly. They can also emit a strong aroma, which is not desirable. Paraffin wax should be avoided if you have the budget.


Palm wax – The unique texture of palm wax candles can be characterized by a crystallizing pattern. Because of their intricate designs and poor burning, these candles are often used as decor. This candle, which has been collecting dust for 20 years on your parents’ mantle, is probably made of palm wax.


Beeswax is a 100% natural wax and one of the most sought-after on the market. This is a great choice for those looking to buy higher-quality candles.


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