Washing Your Ski Clothing Know It Is A Good Idea or Not

Ski clothes are often functional as they keep the wearer dry, warm, and comfortable. Ski clothes are breathable, lightweight, and waterproof, so frequent washing may not only stop water from going through it, but also allows vapor to pass through it as well.

Also, you can prevent grime and dirt from accumulating in the fabric pores. When it comes to washing a ski jacket, you have to know the process clearly to extend its lifetime and functionality.

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Washing your thermal clothing

These clothes take concern of too much respiration and warmth. Fabrics including polyester and merino wool are ideal. You can wash them yourself but you have to follow the instructions on the label. Avoid using a dryer as it may reduce the isolating properties of the fabric.

Washing ski clothes

Ski clothes like jackets are coated with layers, so many people will doubt whether they can wash them in a machine or not.

If you want to wash your ski pants or jacket in a machine, you have to follow the label instructions carefully that is which fabric is used to make it:

The following is some information that helps you to understand whether washing ski clothes is a good idea or bad.

  • Empty all the pockets of the jacket before keeping it in your washing machine.
  • Close Velcro closures and zippers to prevent damage.
  • Make use of liquid detergent. Avoid adding fabric softeners or others to wash.
  • Set the machine at 86˚F (30˚C), spin cycle 800 rpm and select synthetic wash.
  • In case, you have ski clothing made from down, you can add 4 tennis balls. Start the second rinse once the first cycle is complete to remove soap from down.
  • Remove the clothes from the machine immediately after the cycle.

Drying synthetic clothes

Drying ski clothes depends on the type of material like down or synthetic fabric.

  • In case there is no dryer: Let your clothes dry on a hanger. Once it gets dry, iron it at 110˚C or synthetic. Keep a towel over the jacket as a waterproof treatment.
  • In case there is a dryer: Let the clothes turn inside and set the dryer at 60˚C or synthetic program. A cycle of 40 to 50 minutes will be enough and iron is not required.

In case your ski jacket is water-resistant or has the down ski-coat, then washing it in your machine may cause damage to it. A professional dry-cleaning service will have special machinery and follows special treatment methods that keep your jacket completely safe and undamaged.

There are various dry-cleaning services available that picks-up and drop-off your clothes at your doorstep, choose the best one, and hire today to take care of your ski-clothes and other valuable garments.



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