Useful Tips to Earn Your Driving Learner License Quickly

To get a driving license and drive the vehicle legally on the roads is the dream of every person. It is not hard to get a driving license. It is required to get a good understanding of road rules, and driving under different conditions to obtain the license quickly.

Let us learn about tips to earn a driving license easily and quickly.

Basics to Acquire Australian Driver’s Licence

Department of Transport

Each state in Australia has got a Department of Transport (DOT) that is responsible to issue driver licenses.

Demerit Points

Every Driver’s Licence comes with 11 to 13 “demerit points” that are valid for three years. Whenever a license holder violates traffic rules, then a certain number of demerit points gets reduced. This deduction is doubled on the long holidays. The driving license of drivers who have zero demerit points gets cancelled.

To prevent cancellation, every driver needs to drive safely on the road. Looking for expert driving lessons Deer Park? Pass First Go provides knowledgeable instructors who evaluate the present driving skills of a candidate and offer guidance to enhance driving performance.

How to Apply for A Driver’s Licence?

Drivers who have an Overseas Driving License will need to present a copy of the driving license of the country at the time of applying for it. It is also needed to apply for a learner’s permit, driving license verification certificate, and a certified translation copy of the driver’s license for a “Hundred-point check”.

If you don’t possess an overseas driving license, then you will need to furnish the documents needed for a hundred-point check to successfully apply for a learner’s license.

What Is the Legal Age to Acquire A Driver’s License?

A driver has to be at least sixteen years of age to get a learner driver’s license. Along with it, he/she has to provide identity documents, pass a “Driver Knowledge Test” at a motor registry office, and pass an eyesight test from a Hazard Perception test.

Steps to get your Learner’s driving license on the first attempt

Study the road and traffic rules and perform several practice tests to hone your skills. The more you will practice the more confident, skilled, and proficient you will become. These are the key ingredients to succeed in the driving test.

Book the driving test at the most suitable time

Choose the time when you will be focused, and relaxed. Reach the test venue before time and revise your notes. Before you appear for the exam, make sure you have completed several driving practices tests.

Be Observant

Whenever you are riding in a car, develop the trait of observation. Understand the way things work. Ask plenty of questions and carry the handbook to confirm and expand your knowledge.

Keep Your Nerves Under Control

Stay calm. There is no maximum duration to attempt a driving test. Read every question carefully and mark the right answer carefully.


Getting a driver’s license in Australia is easy when you are well-informed about the process. The assistance of a reputed driving training firm can go a long way in securing your driving license quickly.

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