Know About A Few Myths Related to Metal Roofing

Although metal roofs are in use from past few years, still many people are not fully aware of the basics of metal roofing. Unless a person gets involved in the process and sees the whole thing with their own eyes often it may be a bit hard to believe something.

You may prefer to hire an experienced contractor like City2Surf Roofing for Sydney metal roofing. Most people however prefer to have a metallic roof on their home, but despite that there are a few myths that exist about metal roofing.

So, let us know about these myths and also clear the facts about them.

  1. Metal roofs can attract lightning

Metal roofing will never increase any chances of a house getting attracted by lighting. If your house ever gets struck then a metallic roof will rather help in dissipating the charge, and as metal is a non-combustible material it will never catch fire.

2. Metal roofs are loud when it starts raining

All modern metal roofing will be installed over a solid sheathing, plywood, or over your present roof. So, no more noise like an asphalt shingle roof. Mostly, metal roofs are quieter than any non-metal roof and may shield the noise during rain or bad weather.

3. Metal roofs may easily get dented by hail

A modern metal roof is quite capable to withstand the abuse from bad weather like hail, snow, or extreme winds. Any hail cannot dent your metal roof, and neither extremely high winds can offer any threat.

4. You cannot walk on any metal roofs

Although it is necessary to take all the precautions before walking on the roof, however, you can always walk on metal roofs. However, avoid walking while it is raining as it can become too slippy and you may fall if you are a little careless.

5. Metal roofs will heat-up your house

Metal roofs will reflect the sun rays while most asphalt roofs may absorb them. Also, metal roofs will release solar heat very quickly as compared to asphalt roofs, so that means, it can reduce the heat on your house.

6. Metal roofs may rust

Modern metal can last for decades. Most steel metal roofing will have a protective coating layer with zinc or aluminium, and then again painted with any high-quality paint that can withstand even the toughest abuse from any kind of bad weather.

7. Metal roofs can be too heavy for your house

On the contrary, metal roofs are almost 50% lighter as compared to the roof of a standard asphalt. Metal is the lightest roofing choice out there. When the homeowner wants to re-roof his home he does not tear off the old asphalt roof, but metal roofs are further installed on top of the present existing roof.

8. Metal roofs are quite expensive

By looking at the initial cost most of you may tend to think that metal roof is very expensive. However, when you will find that your metal roof will survive a pretty long duration without much maintenance, you will realize that metal roof is rather cheaper in the long run.

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