How to Amaze Your Guest with Foyer Chandeliers? – A Welcoming Retreat

Your foyer chandeliers can glaze each step through the entryway. It influences the visitor with artistical and aesthetic display of your entryway. With a wide range of chandeliers, you can decorate any size of foyers to add ambient light and glamourous look. Foyer chandeliers are available in modern, pendent and sconces style.

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How to select an ideal foyer chandelier?

Creating a balanced symmetry between foyers and chandeliers has stunning impression on your guest. They enhance the pleasant and attractive perception of your entryway.

Here are some factors to find the right chandelier lighting fixture for your foyer –

  1. Ceiling height – Before buying a foyer chandelier, you must measure the height of your ceiling. Chandeliers must precisely fit in the ceilings to keep a safe pendant length. A low-ceiling entryway must have flush mounted chandeliers to avoid accidental collisions.
  2. Available space – Evaluating the available free space within the foyer will help you to select a proper sized chandelier.
  3. Doorway location – This will help you to determine the exact ambient of light to glow your entryway.

These factors will help you to choose the number and types of bulbs to emit sufficient light to attract the visitor’s eye. You can select among LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs of different temperature ranges for varying lighting effects.

What are the best chandeliers to suit any size foyer?

  1. Wall sconces chandeliers – In a slim and small foyer space, you can install alphabetical wall sconces and rustic wall lamps for an artistic foyer. A set of two or three sconces and lamps placed at equal distances on both sides of foyer wall will efficiently glow the entryway.
  2. Cage and globe shapes chandelier – These chandeliers are a great deal to decorate your mid-sized foyers. A globe chandelier will give a retro charm with a relaxing and soothing effect as you open the door. The entryway with a caged chandelier will have a farmhouse and rustic accents for warm welcoming gesture.
  3. Linear flush mounted rectangular chandelier – Design an elegantly glowing entryway with linear crystal chandeliers. These beautiful chandeliers have innovative design to abundantly illuminate your entryway with natural light.
  4. Sputnik chandeliers – A cluster of artistic satellite design, the sputnik chandeliers with yellow light will take your guest on a space trip. The light is scattered in every direction to glow the entire free space.
  5. Multi-layer rectangular raindrop chandelier – It defines the luxury and large foyers to glow elegantly with 5-8 layers of crystal balls and LED bulbs. The modern design of this chandelier illuminates the aesthetic look of your home and resembles glowing raindrops overhead.
  6. Beaded crystal chandeliers – The glowing crystals and LED bulbs are covered with a sophisticated transparent wall to emit light. This gives a classic and traditional look to your foyer.

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